Friday, September 25, 2015

Disney's Jungle Book Official Teaser Opens April 15, 2016 #JungleBook

Oh my goodness! The outdoor shots from Disney's Jungle Book live action movie are so breathtaking, I had to share with my readers.

I'm so excited to see the breathtaking scenery on the big screen.
The Jungle Book doesn't open until April 15, 2016 but I'm ready. c


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CaaZ Hydration Belt Product Review

Disclosure: I received the product at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

I have three different running belts and I like them all for different reasons. The CaaZ Belt is great for my hydration needs. It holds a good size water bottle which is crucial for me since I sweat a lot during running. I love how the bottle holder is angled so that it is easy to remove during my runs. Also, the strap that holds the water bottle is easy to adjust so I have no problem getting it to fit.

The pouch can hold both my phone and my iPod. It is roomy with two zippered pockets. Also, I like that it is waterproof so it keeps my electronics protected if I get caught in the rain. In the back of the pouch is an earphone outlet so I don't have to leave the zipper partially open. Also, since the bottle strap is removable, those who want to use just the pouch for traveling could easily substitute with another strap or could even hook it to a thinner belt.

The only drawback is that the zippers seem to be a little stiff and I have a harder time getting them open than I do with some of my other belts. Still, I do prefer this one over my others for runs more than four miles. The main reason is because of the larger water belt but it is comfortable enough to wear on longer runs.

Rating ★★★★☆

Monday, September 14, 2015

Beets Blu Scale with Bluetooth Review

FTC Disclosure: Product received at no charge in exchange for an honest review.
I've been on a weight management plan for the last four weeks. Logging my food on a daily basis and weighing myself a least once a week are the two things that help me the most with weight loss. The Beet BLU Bluetooth Scale with smartphone tracking keeps me motivated to stay on my weight loss program. Not only does the scale log weight, it also keeps track of muscle mass, hydration levels and body fat percentage. You do have to have your smartphone with you every time you use the scale to see all of the feature displays. The scale only shows the weight feature.

After a quick setup of adding the included batteries, the scale is ready to use. Just stand on it and wait for the display to show you're weight. The scale accuracy is solid. I know there are more accurate ways to measure fat, water levels, and BMI but they take a lot longer. I don't mind if it's not 100% accurate. Just as long as it is close and this scale is close enough.

As for the app, I do think it can be improved on. The app isn't as user friendly as other apps I've used but it is easy to read. It's not worth dropping the ranking of the product just because of the app. The information from the app can be downloaded onto the Apple Health App which I haven't tried to do yet but plan to.

I plan on leaving this scale at work for our company wellness program and having all of the employees use it and hope it is durable enough for multi-users. I'm not to worried though. The scale is solid and much nicer than other bathroom scales I've purchased.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Money Waist Belt Review

FTC Disclosure: Product received at no charge to facilitate review.

I've traveled a lot, including to third world countries and I've never had a problem with my money or ID getting stolen. The key for me is using a money waist belt while traveling. I don't like the fanny packs that scream tourist all over them. Instead, I prefer a money belt I can tuck into the waistband of my pants and cover with my shirt. This waist belt is thin enough that I can cover it with my shirt and not have to worry that a thief will see where my money is hidden.

I've tried several money belts and this travel money waist belt is a little bit bigger than most. It has plenty of room for my passport and even room for my children's passports for when we travel together. Also, I like the separate compartments for money and credit cards. That way I don't accidentally get money or cards stuck in my passport or falling out when I'm providing my identification at the airport.

Besides traveling, I like the money belt for days when we attend local events but don't want to carry around a purse or wallet.

The front of this is made of 410d ripstop nylon so it is waterproof. I'm hoping it doesn't make me sweat on a hot day but so far so good. I love the zippers on this waist belt. They seem stronger than the zippers I've used on other travel belts. Also, the earphone outlet makes it easy to listen to music while walking. I like the extra security it provides by not having to use the zippered areas for my earphones.

One word of warning: I tightened this belt as tight as it would go and it fit fine but I'm not skinny. I doubt this would fit a smaller adult or a child.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Explore Outfitters Nylon Double Hammock Review

Product received at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

About two years ago, I camped for the first time in a hammock and all I can say is that I can't believe it took me that long. Hammocks are comfortable for sleeping and surprisingly warm. Not only are they great for camping, but for hanging out in the yard or the park on a lazy day. I love reading in them too.

I love the Explore Outfitters Double Hammock. This is exactly the type of hammock that makes sleeping and hanging out in one so much fun. Made out of sturdy nylon, the hammock can hold up to 400 pounds and easily fits two normal sized adults. It is so roomy that it would fit three children as well to make for a fun backyard party. I have to be honest, I would prefer to sleep in one alone but I don't mind sitting two side by side for reading or just hanging out.

My family owns a two similar but more expensive hammocks and the Explore Outfitters hammock is easily as comfortable. I like how roomy it is for camping. It's easy to pull the nylon fabric all the way around like a cocoon. It also breathes well.

The one thing that makes this hammock unique is that it comes with two paracords and two steel carabiners for fast set up, many hammocks do not.

As far as pricing goes, the Explore Outfitters hammock the $47.95 price tag is very reasonable compared to more expensive hammocks.

The hammock is lightweight for hiking and backpacking. It's compact and easily fits into the provided case. I like the strap on the outside of the case that helps compress it even more so it easily fits in my backpack. It's lighter than the tent I take backpacking and makes a good substitute.

While I haven't used the hammock long enough to comment on durability, it feels like it's made to last. I haven't found anything I dislike about the hammock.

Rating ★★★★★