Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Orkin Mouse in House Giveaway

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Fall has arrived, and cooler weather has come with it. Whether or not you know it, your warm house is an open invitation to unwanted guests looking for a cozy winter vacation: rodents.

Each fall, rodents migrate from their outdoor “summer home” to the warmth, food and shelter of their “winter timeshare” – your house! Being human has its perks, like having a cozy house to enjoy during the winter, but imagine having to survive as a mouse?

Try your luck by playing “Mouse in a House” – a choose-your-own-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a rodent looking to survive the upcoming harsh winter season – try your best to stay alive and see how long you last! Orkin uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that's right for your home.

To learn more about pest control grounded in science or to schedule an inspection, visit orkin.com or call 1-800-800-ORKIN®.

Giveaway Details:
One of my lucky readers will win the following Orkin 4x6 #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Blanket. Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter. By entering, you acknowledge you have read the terms on the form and agree to them. Contest ends 11/17/2014 at 11:59 EST. 18+ U.S. only.

 Please Note: Each household is only eligible to win One Orkin #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Winter Blankets via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tazo Decaf Chai Latte Concentrate Review

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I have been a fan of Tazo herbal teas for some time. I jumped at the chance to try Tazo Chai Latte. I chose the decaf version since I try to stay away from caffeine.
Getting ready to curl up with a good book with my Tazo

I mixed my concentrated chai latte with vanilla soy milk at 1:1. It made for a great combination. The chai spices, like cinnamaon and cloves, gave the decaf tea a smooth taste while the vanilla soy milk added a sweet and nutty creaminess. It's perfect for those cold days when all I want to do is curl up with a good book.

The Tazo decaf chai latte is the perfect bedtime treat. I don't have to worry about caffeine keeping me up at night. I have a new favorite drink to get me through the cold winter.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bike Like a Girl or Take A Hike Sterling Silver Necklace Giveaway

We love the outdoors and we've always wanted to sell jewelry on our blog that expresses who we are and will appeal to our readers who also love the outdoors. I am a biker and a hiker. Kalina is a runner but we both find to be a climber, a waterskier, a paddle boarder and whatever else we can fit into our lives. We hope to add more jewelry to fit all of our interests. Now, our sterling silver jewelry consists of necklaces and matching bracelets for the avid hiker and biker.

We also have a line of leather wrap bracelets which has been popular amongst our readers. Check out some of them.

Check out our full jewelry line HERE

Customers who order over $75 worth of jewelry will receive a FREE leather wrap bracelet through 11/24/2015. We will email you to get your free bracelet choice after order is placed.

Giveaway Details:

Winner will receive their choice of our Take a Hike or Bike Like a Girl sterling silver necklace which includes sterling silver chain and a freshwater pearl dangle. Prize value: $37.00.
Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter. By entering, you acknowledge you have read the terms on the form and agree to them. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Contest ends 11/19/2014 at 11:59 EST.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mountain Biking in Southern Utah: JEM Trail

Riding along the ridge of the Virgin River
Utah has such a diverse landscape which makes the entire state a perfect mountain bike mecca.

After years of being scared of my mountain bike, I finally spent the autumn falling in love with mountain biking all over again. On a recent trip to St. George, we had a chance to drive through Hurricane, near the town of Virgin, to ride the JEM trail. It ended up being a perfect trail for me, not too technical or steep.

Getting There

The trickiest part of the JEM trail is getting there. From I-15, take exit 16 (Utah State Route 9) to Hurricane/Zions National Park. Travel east on Highway 9 past Hurricane. Make a right onto Sheep Bridge Road before getting into Virgin, Utah. Follow this dirt road over the bridge of the Virgin River. After crossing the cattle guard take the first right and follow the two track road to the end where you will find the trailhead and parking.

The Trail

From the parking lot head west along the rim of the Virgin River. This is a singletrack trail. As it bends and heads south, it merges with a dirt road (about 1.3 miles). Turn right on the road and ride over a dry wash a short way then turn left at the brown trail sign where it's singletrack again.

Stay left on the JEM trail at the Hurricane Trail Junction (1.6 miles). Stay on the singletrack for a steady, easy climb. At mile 4.5, the singletrack crosses a gravel road again. Follow the singletrack to a steep hill. Many will attempt to climb this but few will master it. I didn't even try. I walked my bike up the hill. At the top of the hill, follow the singletrack to the upper parking lot. This is where you will turn around for an out-and-back ride. It's about 6.9 miles to the upper parking lot from the lower lot.

For those who want to only do the downhill, you can drop off at the upper parking lot and send a shuttle to the lower lot. It is a fast and fun descent. On our return, we veered off the JEM trail and onto the Goosebumps trail. The Goosebumps trail has a lot of up and down hills, like a roller coaster. It is a little more technical but a lot of fun.

I made it with a smile on my face and only had to walk my bike in a few spots. A new record for me.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Review and Giveaway

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I have been a fan of Purex Crystals since the first day I tried them. I am physically active as are the other members of my family. This means we have a lot of stinky sweaty work out clothes that are made of fabrics that aren't suitable for liquid fabric softeners. Though I still prefer the liquid softeners or dryer sheets on my whites, I like the in-laundry scent boosters of the crystals for my dark clothing, especially my gym clothes.

Introducing the latest edition to the Purex line: Purex Crystals Aromatherapy. 

I received the Purex Crystals Aromatherapy in Energy scent.  I was super excited to try the Energy scent since citrus smells are my favorite. While the crystals left a fresh laundry scent, it was more on the floral side and less on the citrus---not what I would prefer. However, it did eliminate laundry odors, especially the sweat from our work out clothes. It also stayed fresh smelling for a week after I did our laundry.

The new Purex Crystals have a soothing smell for those who like a lingering scent on their laundry. However, I like to eliminate strong odors on my clothing without leaving a floral "perfume" scent. While I liked the new crystals, I would love to try the other two scents to see if there is one I like better.

Giveaway Details:
On eof my lucky readers will win three coupons for a free bottle of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy. Please read the terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter form. By entering, you acknowledge you have read the terms and agree to them. Contest ends 11/3/2014 at 11:59 EST.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free sample of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy as a member of Purex Insiders. Opinions are based upon actual experience.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

My Favorite Wildlife Photos of the Season

©by Trudy Zufelt. Do not use without written permission

One of my favorite things about hiking is catching a glimpse of the wildlife.
Too bad the animals don't feel the same about me. When it comes to deer, it is hard to get close enough to get a good photo. I tried all summer until I finally got one to hold still long enough to pull out my camera and take a picture. Just off the side of the road in Little Cottonwood Canyon at the entrance to the Red Pine Trail, I spotted a doe and stopped to zoom in. It didn't last long before she skittishly ran off but I got the picture.

©by Trudy Zufelt. Do not use without written permission
I'm usually afraid of snakes. I spent a lot of time hiking in the last six months and saw plenty of these little garter snakes. Unfortunately, I saw rattlesnakes too but I wasn't willing to risk getting bit to get close enough. I did have a baby rattlesnake coil up at me and it took me only a second to see what what was different from the snake in the photo to the markings of the baby rattlesnake. I'll stick to photos of the nonpoisonous snakes.

Bull Moose along Catherine Pass Trail - Little Cottonwood Canyon (Utah)
©by Trudy Zufelt. Do not use without written permission
One of the most awe inspiring animals to see in Utah is a moose or even two. They can also be a bit scary. Moose don't move off the trail and it's never a good idea to get to close. I have heard of people being charged by a moose and since they are so huge, I don't want to get close enough to see what that is like. I'll enjoy them from a distance and use the zoom on my camera. I have seen moose in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons and in Ogden Valley. In fact, I see them more than I see the mule deer.

Moose at Red Pine Lake - Little Cottonwood Canyon
©by Trudy Zufelt. Do not use without written permission

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